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For many women, new hair symbolizes new beginnings. Dying your hair in a new color can be just the thing you need to start over. If you want a drastic change that will have a huge impact on your appearance, then a striking hair color is the way to do it!

Hair dye is a popular choice for young people to express their individuality. Splat hair dye, however, is something most people know little about, it seems.

For example, how long does Splat hair dye last? How do you apply it? These are some of the common questions women have about these hair-coloring products – and we will be answering them today.

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What Is A Splat Hair Dye?

Splat is a company developed in 1991 by Dave and Ann Agrey in California. Their goal was to provide affordable, vibrant hair colors to help women – and men – express themselves better.

But, what are Splat hair dyes?

They are semi-permanent and permanent direct dye types of Splat hair dye. That means that they sit outside the hair surface and color its cuticle.

Since there is no chemical reaction, we might assume that Splat colors aren’t damaging as long as your hair is healthy.

Let’s get into more details, shall we?

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The Duration Of Splat Hair Dye

Usually, Splat hair dye lasts from about two to five weeks. But, it’s tricky to measure the duration of Splat hair dye since it depends on many factors.

Some of those factors are:

  • Your hair type
  • Number of washes
  • The process of dyeing
  • Color applied
  • Your maintenance routine

Stay tuned to learn about how these factors influence the duration of this type of hair dye.

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Duration Of Splat Hair Dye Under Optimal Conditions That Depends Only On You

The manufacturer indicates the longevity of semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes; you can find the info on the packaging. These durations require optimal conditions that we rarely see in real life, though.

When you color your hair, you should forget about your old habits or the hair products you were using before.


It’s straightforward:

Your type of shampoo can negatively affect your hair. Since sulfates as a cleaning chemical can wash away colorants, the best thing you can do is use sulfate-free products.

If you don’t, your hair will simply look less intense and dull.

Also, another critical thing is the number of times you wash your hair. If you wash it almost every day, the color will last less. That happens because the cuticle’s unable to hold onto the pigment. Consequently, the hair color will be decreasing with every washing.

Instead of washing your hair with water, use dry shampoos.

Another thing to remember here is that colored hair doesn’t really like heat tools, such as hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons.

If this doesn’t make much sense to you, think about the fact that the sun’s rays can make your hair color fade faster.

So, whenever you can, please let your hair dry naturally. But if you can’t always avoid it, make sure to apply heat-protecting styling product after washing.

Besides, we should underline that damaged hair cannot keep Splat hair dye for a long time. You see, damaged hair is not able to retain the color pigments. So, semi-permanent Splat hair day is usually going to “stick around” for about a week on not-so-healthy hair.

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Duration Of Splat Hair Color On Bleached Hair

Whether the dye would last longer on bleached hair is a tricky question since it depends on your hair.

On that note, bleaching your hair is a chemical process that requires combining oxide, liquid hair lightener, and a lightening bleach decolorant powder very well.

Since it’s not a natural thing but a chemical process, the hair will suffer for sure.

The only question is – how?

When bleaching your hair, you dry it out and make it acquire high porosity. In other words, the cuticles in your hair fiber rise, and many break, as well.

When you apply splat hair dye to the high-porosity hair, the color is being absorbed quickly and looks more beautiful and even. The bad thing is that it can’t last that long because the hair can’t retain the pigments.

However, if your hair’s naturally dark and you want to apply a pretty bright or pastel color, the bleaching part is unavoidable.

Therefore, if your hair is dark or has high porosity, it’s recommendable that you use a permanent Splat dye for it to last longer. You’ll get longer-lasting results due to ammonia that allows the dye to set in the hair fiber.

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Duration Based On Splat Hair Dye Type And Color

The Splat dye type you choose will undoubtedly determine how long the color will last on your hair.

As we’ve already mentioned, there are semi-permanent Splat dyes that last approximately 23 or so washes and permanent type dyes that can remain on your hair up to 30 washes.

Besides the formulation, another factor influencing the duration of Splat hair dye is the color you choose.

You may ask yourself, how come the color influences the duration?

Well, it’s easy. The greater the pigmentation, the longer the color lasts. According to that, we have long, medium, and short-lasting hair colors.

The short-lasting hair colors are:

  • All pastel colors
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • Neon

Medium-lasting splat colors are:

  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red

And finally, we have long-lasting splat hair colors:

  • Dark green
  • Purple
  • Violet
  • Fuchsia
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Tips To Help You Make Your Splat Hair Dye Last Longer

We all want our hair color to last as long as possible. But to do that, we have to take care of our hair.

So, we’ve prepared some tips on how to do that!

Try to minimize the number of times you wash your hair to avoid color fading. And when you decide to do wash it, do it using cool water and sulfate-free products. Washing your hair with warm water will make the color look lighter faster.

Also, you can show your hair you care about it by using special oils suitable for dyed hair that you apply before washing.

To avoid color loss, you should avoid exposing your hair to heat. On that note, a heat protectant spray is beneficial when it comes to maintaining your hair color.

Furthermore, for the sake of your hair, try to avoid bleaching before dyeing your hair. In order to do that, choose a shade that is darker than your original color. That will give you the results you want – or bring you very close to them – and won’t damage your hair.

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Apply The Splat Hair Dye Correctly

Can you believe that both nature of your hair and the way you apply the Splat hair color will contribute to the duration of the hair dye?

So, this chapter will explain how to do it correctly.

Firstly, start with washing your hair, making sure that it’s clean and soft, and brushing it out to make it manageable.

Secondly, you should apply dye to some not-so-visible strands and the back of your ear to see if you have any allergic reactions to the product.

If, after 20 minutes, nothing out of the ordinary happens, you’re in the clear; proceed with dyeing your hair.

The next step is bleaching your hair, but if you’re not applying a brighter color and don’t want to damage your hair, you can skip this step. Keep in mind that bleaching isn’t necessary every time you dye your hair.

After this step, dry your hair.

Then, part the hair into sections and apply the Splat hair dye. Before using it, be sure to shake the bottle.

Let the dye sit on your hair for 40-60 minutes after it has been applied. But if it starts itching and hurting you before time runs out, rinse it off immediately.

The last step is shampooing and conditioning your hair – and you are ready to shine!

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Having a vibrant hair color will make you look great and feel full of confidence. An excellent way to accomplish that is using Splat hair dye – a semi-permanent dye that won’t fade entirely with one washing.

Okay, let’s do a recap – how long does Splat hair dye last?

The durability of the Splat hair color depends on many factors, like the type of your hair, number of washes, etc. To prolong the hair color life as much as possible, you should follow a rigorous hair care routine.

On that note, one thing’s sure:

If you want Splat hair dye to last longer, you’ll have to work on it. And prepare yourself because it might require a bit more effort than you assumed.

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