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If you’re wondering, “How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last On Unbleached Hair?” find out in my article below. Also learn how to apply Splat hair dye correctly, some tips and tricks and how to make Splat dye last longer on hair.

Hair colouring can be an exciting and creative journey. Whether you are looking for a dramatic change or a subtle touch-up, a permanent hair dye can give you the long-lasting results you desire.

But what if you are looking to temporarily dye your hair? Splat Hair Color is a popular option, providing semi-permanent hair colour that typically lasts a few weeks.

But one question that many people have is: how long does Splat Hair Dye last on unbleached hair? In this article, I will dive into the details and provide you with all the facts you need to make the best decision for your hair.

How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last On Unbleached Hair

When it comes to changing up your look and trying out a new style, splat hair dye is one of the most popular choices. But, one of the biggest questions people have when considering this style is how long does it last?

This article will help you understand what to expect when coloring your hair with splat hair dye on unbleached strands.

When it comes to the longevity of the color, it’s important to know that splat hair dye on unbleached hair won’t stay vibrant indefinitely. Typically, the dye will fade after four to six weeks of regular shampooing.

And, even then, you may still be able to see a hint of the color. This is because the color molecule is a bit larger and therefore doesn’t stay locked in the hair shaft as long as other dyes.

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting look, pre-lightening or bleaching your hair before you apply the dye can help. This process works to open up the cuticles of the hair to allow for a better and longer lasting result.

By bleaching your hair before dyeing, you can extend the life of your new hue for up to six to eight weeks.

It’s important to note that how often you’re shampooing and the types of products you’re using can also affect the longevity of the dye.

To get the longest life out of your dyed hair, be sure to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Sulfate-free products help preserve your hair and the color of your dye.

How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last On Unbleached Hair | Easy Tips For Making It Last More Than 30 Days! - Hair Everyday Review (2)

Factors Affecting How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Lasts On Hair

Many factors can affect the longevity of splat hair dye on unbleached hair. The individual’s hair type and texture is a major influence – those with thinner, straighter hair may notice the colour to fade quicker than those with thicker, coarser hair.

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Another factor is the length of the hair – longer hair tends to hold the colour better. The porosity of the hair can also play a part in the longevity of the dye, as highly porous hair can absorb a lot of the colour, causing it to fade quicker.

The products used to maintain the colour are also responsible for how long the colour will last.

For example, a colour safe shampoo and conditioner can help extend the amount of time the colour stays vibrant and full, while using heat styling tools may dry out the hair, leading to the colour fading away sooner.

Additionally, the frequency and intensity of washing the hair can also contribute. Frequently washing hair leads to the colour fading faster.

When it comes down to it, all hair types and textures will absorb, maintain and release the colour differently.

Some may find that their hair retains the colour for several weeks, while others may find that the colour only lasts a couple of days. With the right care, however, it’s possible to make the most of your colour and enjoy the vibrant results for a longer period.

How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last On Unbleached Hair | Easy Tips For Making It Last More Than 30 Days! - Hair Everyday Review (3)

How To Make Splat Hair Dye Last Longer

If you’re looking to make your Splat Hair Dye last longer, you’re in luck. There’s a few simple steps and tricks you can use to help your hair dye last longer, and even get brighter results.

First, one of the most important ways to make your hair dye last longer is to apply it to freshly washed hair. This helps the dye penetrate and absorb faster and deeper into the skin of your hair and gives you a more vibrant color that lasts twice as long.

Another trick to make Splat Hair Dye last longer is to use a sulfate-free conditioner when washing your hair. This helps preserve the color of your dye and keeps it from fading as quickly.

Also, it’s important to use a deep conditioning mask on your hair once a week after dyeing to help repair and protect your hair from fading.

Finally, avoid using excessive heat or chemical treatments on your hair. Frequent use of heat or chemical treatments can cause your hair color to fade faster.

If you use these tips, you should be able to get the most out of your Splat Hair Dye. With proper care, you can make your hair color last longer and have brighter, more vivid results.

How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last On Bleached, Blonde Hair

When it comes to bleached, blonde hair, Splat hair dye tends to last much longer than on unbleached hair.

It will vary from person to person, as everyone’s hair has different structures as well as different levels of exposure to the elements, but in general, you can expect the color to last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.

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The fact that the hair has been bleached means that the dye particles have been able to sink further into the cuticles, ensuring a longer-lasting pigment. As a result, you don’t need to worry about having to touch-up the roots every few weeks.

Of course, the length of time that Splat will last depends on how well you look after your hair.

One of the main causes of fading is heat damage, as it strips away the color. As such, you should be keeping the use of hairdryers and curling tongs to a minimum and always use a heat protectant spray.

Regular use of color-protecting shampoos and conditioners is also advised, as these can help to keep the color vibrant, even after months of use. In short, the better you take care of your hair, the longer your hair dye will last.

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How To Remove Splat Hair Dye Naturally At Home

If you’re looking for a more natural way to remove Splat hair dye quickly at home, you may be in luck! There are a few methods you could use to help remove the colour from your hair without using abrasive methods or chemical removers.

The first thing you could try is to use shampoo. A toxin-free shampoo with a strong cleaning agent combined with some extra scrubbing can help you remove layers of the hair dye.

Make sure that you don’t apply too much force or scrub too harshly, since this could cause severe damage to your hair strands.

Next, you could try using an apple cider vinegar solution. Mix one part of ACV with two parts of water, apply the solution onto your hair, and leave it in for around 15 minutes.

Afterward, rinse thoroughly and shampoo as usual. This solution might smell a bit tangy, but it can be very effective in removing and lightening Splat dye.

You can also use lightening products, such as hydrogen peroxide, to strip the colour out of your hair. However, be sure to always do a patch test prior to completely dousing your locks in any lightening product.

This will help ensure that your hair will not suffer any damage from the harsh ingredients.

Finally, a great natural way to lighten the Splat dye is to use chamomile tea. Create a tea solution, either with chamomile or black tea, and pour it onto your hair.

Massage the solution in for around five minutes and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Rinse off and repeat the process, as needed, until you notice a change in colour.

These are all simple and effective methods you can use to help remove or lighten your Splat hair dye at home.

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Keep in mind that, depending on the colour, it may take multiple applications to get the desired effect. So, be patient and be sure to protect your hair from any potential damage.

Splat Hair Dye Tips And Tricks

When it comes to using Splat Hair Dye, you want to make sure that you get the best results possible! To help make sure that your look lasts, here are some essential tips and tricks to get you started.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that Splat Hair Dye will last longest on pre-bleached or chemically lightened hair. If you’re starting with unbleached or darker hair, the colour won’t stay in for nearly as long, so keep that in mind when going for an extreme colour.

When you’re ready to colour your hair, you want to make sure that your scalp and hair are well prepped. Start by shampooing, and then conditioning your hair prior to application.

This will get rid of any product build up and will also make sure that your scalp is completely clean. After that, you want to apply a hydrating conditioner to the tips of your hair, as this will help you avoid any dryness that Splat Hair Dye can cause.

Once you’re done dying, you want to make sure that the colour looks even and vibrant.

When it comes to caring for coloured hair, you want to use a gentle cleansing and conditioning routine, as well as using products that are specifically designed to keep colour looking vibrant.

Whenever possible, you should also avoid hot tools, such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling wands, as these can fade the colour out quickly.

By following these tips and tricks, you can make sure that your Splat Hair Dye looks vibrant and lasts as long as possible.

Just remember that Splat Hair Dye will be most vibrant and long-lasting on pre-bleached or lightened hair, and it’s important to take special care of coloured hair to keep the colour looking its best.


All in all, Splat hair dye is an excellent way to create a fun and bold look that can last for up to four weeks.

With the right preparation, minimal aftercare, and understanding which colors won’t show up as vibrantly on unbleached hair, you can achieve a beautiful, long-lasting color.

Plus, it’s an affordable and semi-permanent way to express yourself and remain vibrant and stylish.

So, don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you! Rock that Splat hair dye and show the world your creative and confident side.

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